Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tips on Being a Good Leader

Being a Good Leader, is a rare thing that can be done for each person. Actually, each person must have a leader, whether it's for a small scope such as a family or even for himself. In essence Being a Good Leader is an important part of one's life.

Tips on Being a Good Leader

Must have a purpose

A good leader, should have a purpose and some views of what to do going forward. Because then all the control depends on the leadership, because the members will follow suit the purpose of the course leaders were useful purpose for its members.

Having a strong character

Strong character for a leader should possess. Because then the leader will be able to influence its members well. In the sense that aims to better for everyone. So when these goals are implemented, although the risk taken great leader can direct its members to act what to do. Not easily influenced by other things.

Always focus

Being a leader must always focus on every problem that arises. Leaders need to be sensitive to the problems that occurred. So the problem that there is no drag on the finish. And of course in each issue should be able to take the right decisions and fast in any condition.

Identify the advantages and disadvantages of team

Advantages and disadvantages of a good evaluation on a team, because then all the problems can be quickly seen. So there is the potential that could be developed in accordance with the capabilities of the team. But there it is no less important that when a leader makes a mistake, should be willing to admit because it was a high-minded attitude and this will be good for their members, as the leader of an example.


Many leaders are humble about their members, but only able to mingle and humble who can Become a Good Leader, because then the relationship will be better so that it can facilitate cooperation between leaders and members.

Listen and give recognition for team members

Being a good listener for its members is the need to have for a leader. Because then every member will feel more appreciated and felt to contribute to the team.

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