Saturday, February 28, 2015

How to Educate Our Children

How to Educate Our Children

How to Educate Our Children:

1. Both the mother and father must be compact pick parenting will be applied to children. Do not fickle and capricious that children do not become confused.

2. Be a parent who exemplifies the exemplary children with positive things in everyday life. Do not let children forced to do the good things that parents do not want to do it. Children will respect and appreciate their parents so that as adults will love the parents and other family members.

3. Adjust parenting with the situation, capabilities and needs of the child. Parenting toddlers would be different with parenting teens. Do not educate children who can not afford the cost bailed her parents. Keep children easily understand what we want without feeling any coercion, but on the basis of self-awareness.

4. Discipline should still be given in guiding children since its childhood to adulthood for children to be independent and respected and honored for the community. Little things like getting out of bed on time, helping parents housework, study hard, is one form of teaching discipline and responsibility in children.

5. prioritizing and cultivate early religious and moral values ​​in children so that the future can be a pious person and have a good attitude and behavior and religion. Pious child will always pray for the parents who have given birth to and raise even though her parents had died.

6. Communication is done openly and fun with certain restrictions so that children are accustomed open to parents when there are things to be conveyed or thing that bothers him. If angry parents should use good expression and indirectly the child so that the child can understand not necessarily be closed and assume parents are not fun.

7. Avoid negative action on child like scolding a child for no reason, having the child go around like a maid without limit, dropping the child's mental, smoking, lazy worship, menbodoh-fooling children, often lying to children, to bring home the stress of the office, feeding of money illegitimate children, reluctant to take care of children, too busy with work and so forth.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Good Food for Pregnant Women

Good Food for Pregnant Women. A mother taking care of her womb, would also regulate what he consumed diet. Because what we do while pregnant then the result will occur in children who were born later. For that we write the Good Food for Pregnant Women who can you can make a reference.

Good Food for Pregnant Women

Food Pregnancy :
·         Vitamins and minerals
·         Carbohydrates and Fats
·         Milk and food for baby's brain growth

Pregnant women should consume foods such as vegetables, meats, fruits, nuts, eggs and milk, especially milk with a special formula for pregnant women.

Calcium is essential for bone and tooth growth. Remember to take at least four servings of calcium-rich dairy products. This will ensure that you get 1,200 mg of calcium every day. The diet of pregnant women should be rich in iron as well.

Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system of the mother and child. Important sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits, broccoli, cauliflower, papaya, green peppers and tomatoes. Vitamin A is also as important as carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, radishes, apricots and water flask that contains a lot of vitamin A.

A pregnant woman should always take all her prescribed prenatal vitamins. It is specially designed to compensate multivitamin nutritional imbalance or deficiency in the mother's diet. Generally, it contains iron, minerals, vitamins, folic acid and calcium. Folic acid deficiency can cause serious birth defects in babies. Green leafy vegetables, nuts, citrus fruits and nuts are rich in natural folic acid, vitamin and iron.

In the first trimesters, foods containing protein and DHA and ARA is required to initial growth and a solid foundation for the fetus.

Food Pregnant Women Body Builders:

Foods rich in protein abundant in chicken, beef, fish, seafood, avocado, eggs and milk. Protein is needed to build a new network, maintaining body cells, boost immunity against infection as well as supply the energy needs.

Nutritional needs during pregnancy continues meingkat membuthkan increase of 20-30% of calories to produce energy for daily activities.

Foods be avoided During Pregnancy:

·         The condition of the fetus and pregnant women are strongly determined by the food consumed, for that pregnant women should avoid certain foods that have adverse effects on the fetus.
·         Avoid foods that contain preservatives and additives or food additives. Because these foods can be harmful to the fetus concern you.
·         Reduce high-calorie foods that only contain sugar, fat, and contain less nutrients such as fast food, soft drinks and fried, because it can lead to obesity or excessive obesity in pregnant women.
·         Should not consume excessive caffeine because caffeine which is contained in coffee and chocolate can increase blood pressure and endanger the health of pregnant women and the fetus.
·         If forced to consume food packaging, the label and the period of validity should be considered properly
·         Cook food well, especially during the processing of meat because of the possibility still contains germs
·         Pregnant women should avoid polluted environment, and stay away from cigarette smoke
·         The mother who has a habit of smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages should stop the habit during pregnancy because it is very dangerous to the fetus
·         Avoid the use of drugs without medical supervision.

So give the best nutrition to pay attention to nutrition during pregnancy subs. Often stress during pregnancy? Please read "How to Cope with stressduring pregnancy".

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Easy Ways to Eliminate Stress

Easy Ways to Eliminate Stress
Easy Ways to Eliminate Stress. The way to relieve stress, As humans we are not immune from the problem. But because of the problems that we can be stressful. Here are a few ways bwat relieve stress:

1. Set breath.
Breathe in - in and exhale slowly, concentrating on the movement of your diaphragm. Perform two or three times, until it begins to feel in control.

2. Relieve tension.
If you are sitting, stand up and do gentle stretching. Hand and arm movements alternately, then shrugged and make your body feel relaxed.

3. Move.
Do a quick way, although only road - the road around the room or bathroom. It is useful to help blood flow. Moving regularly can also help burn the negative effects of stress hormones.

4. Yelling and screaming.
Go to a private place and shout and scream as much. The way it can be used for stress relief therapy.

5. Essential Flower Therapy.
Map a few drops of the nectar of flowers, such as Bach Rescue Remedy, Jan de Vries Emergency or the Australian Bush Flower Essence Essence Emergency at your tongue.

6. Think positive.
Choose something that is feasible, a positive personal thoughts. Repeat regularly on yourself.

7. Eat healthy foods.
Diet and do not be tempted to eat to excess.

8. Listen to music.
Soft music that can help you more calm.

9. Organized.
Began to organize life and time effectively. Make a priority, so you can handle the pressure at a time.

10. Laugh.
Watching comedy, laugh with your friends, or visit the website of a joke is remarkable antidote to stress.

11. Finding an inner calmness.
Visualization or meditation can help locate an inner calmness, when around you filled with pressure and noise.

12. Consumption of vitamins and supplements.
You may need some sort of B vitamins and antioxidant vitamins C and E at the time of being depressed. Probiotic supplements can also help you cope with stress.

13. Pray
With prayer, our heart and soul can be calm in the midst. Because of all the problems there a way out, and God disposes the road.

14. Massage
Massage will make a smooth blood circulation. So that our brain can clearly and wisely can decide a problem with either.

15. Estella
One of the potent drugs that need to be followed is the vent. This will make your heart glad and quiet. Who knows wrote a friend to confide in you can look for a way out.

16. Smile
With a smile, we feel so much relief. Facial muscles will be attracted and hold the center of the emotions, the mind will be calm. So much better than we often sullen smile.

17. Breathe fragrances
By inhaling aromatherapy such as lavender, rose, jasmine and peppermint would make more sense of calm. Because the scent give a stimulus to the brain relaxes tense.

18. Soak in warm water
Experts say with a soak in warm water is the best way to relieve stress and opens clogged pores of the body.

Maybe it's just that I can give hope useful for you, thank you