Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5 Considerations Before You Take Decision

As a leader you are required to take an important decision. When you are faced with a situation where had to take important decisions, consider first the following.

5 Considerations Before You Take Decision

Analysis of the situation
Before making a decision, think about a few things as to why the decision should be taken and what will happen if it does not immediately make a decision. In addition, consider the situation around you. Perform first research, analysis, and collect information that will help you make a decision.

Look impact on others
Whatever your decision, whether it is personal, it still will have an impact for others. Consider also whether that impact is detrimental, beneficial, or just have a less powerful effect.

Profit and loss
Consider whether you need the decision of the high cost, and what the pros and cons if you take a decision. What are the possible risks would you take and about whether there was an award to be received. All that should be considered your entry.

It is best
Taking a decision backed by all the people, not necessarily the best decision. So you should still think about whether it is really the best thing to do. There are some areas where you can follow other people's opinions, but not to values​​, personal character, and integrity is lost.

Provide back-up plan
Whatever decisions you make, always make a backup plan if the initial decision did not go according to plan. Great leaders always knew that anything could be as good as the plan did not go smoothly, as they always plan possibilities.

Monday, February 18, 2013

5 Tips to Becoming an Effective Leader

As a leader, you have more responsibility to be able to complete a task. In order to get your job done well and efficiently, you should be able to become effective leaders and inspire members of the group.

5 Tips to Becoming an Effective Leader

Know yourself and be open to development
Learning to be a successful leader must be started by getting to know yourself. According to John C. Maxwell in the book The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow, a leader must be able to identify what are the advantages and disadvantages. Not only that, they also have to be open to methods and new ideas from the team.

Build goals and committed
When the role of being a leader, you must determine what goals they want to achieve and what steps you want to get there. You must have the ability to explain the idea to the group, but that does not mean you do it yourself. Let them give input if only useful for the achievement of that goal.

Get to know the team and establish friendships
Make your team as your friend, give them motivation, and identify each person on your team. For achieving that, you should be ready to provide advice and support. Leaders also have a responsibility to be able to create a fun, energetic, and beneficial to the group.

Communication, talk, and listen
Ensure that communication is two-way. It may seem simple, but there are still many leaders who do not do both of those with effective communication. You not only have to be able to speak well to the group, but you also have to be able to listen to opinions and the opinions of group members. Occasionally asked about their progress and if anyone can help is also a form of communication that enables the achievement of goals.

Evaluation and appreciation
See the progress that has been achieved every day, every week, every month until. Evaluate what they have done, what parts are lacking and which part has been resolved. Do not forget to always give the award to members of a group that works well. This is one way to motivate the group.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

5 Advantages of Management Steve Jobs 'Apple'

Steve Jobs was named the best CEO in the past 20 years by businessinsider.com. Apart from being an artist who often make breakthroughs, Steve Jobs also experts in managing Apple. Here are 5 important management lessons from Steve Jobs:

Management Steve Jobs 'Apple'

1. Give Workers Freedom to Have and Improve Products

At Apple, if there is a worker using the product and find the issues that bother him, they have the freedom to fix it without dealing with layers of bureaucracy to get approval. All projects are controlled by the long-term performance, but the best stuff comes from personal engineer. Is Apple has always presented a challenge to employees to constantly evolve by providing a more difficult task and give it the necessary skills.

2. Employ People Desiring your product-obsessed

According to Agarwal, the people who work at Apple really want to work at Apple. For example, with Agarwal. Themselves are fans of Apple and he works twice as hard because he believes that Apple is a life. Enthusiasm is a key element for managing the recruitment process to see people who are truly passionate about the company, its products, and style as well as the overall mission. Furthermore, Agarwal also stated that all recruits pengawai companies claim that they love Apple products, and for this reason they want to work.

3. Important to Balance Life and Work Stresses

Apple emphasizes the balance between life and work. During the leadership of Steve Jobs, the company requires workers to work hard, but also enjoy the time owned invite workers. From the incredible health until the holiday was very much around Christmas and Thanksgiving, workers are very loving type of environment provided by the company to its employees. No wonder if Apple employees love working here and working hard, but when it was all over, the worker should enjoy life.

4. Maintaining Culture Started

Apple always wins because the company is a "Starter" great. Starting from a lack of bureaucracy in the project, engineers focused culture, to an emphasis on the passion and loyalty of workers, the company Apple is maintaining a corporate culture of the first day was made. Culture is a big part of what makes Apple successful and a good place to work.

5. Do not Play "Game Features" with Competitors

Apple never believed to play "the game features" with the product. They always focus on the performance for its own products, although they compare themselves with competitors trying to do the same thing on the same level. This mission is really entrenched in the culture. Workers do not focus on what competitors are doing, but the workers are encouraged to products innovation challenging the status quo.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Superior Leader: Mastering Effects and Position

Superior LeaderInfluence and the position of a leader are two very different things. These differences will show who the real leader on earth.

The hope is that both will be an excellent power when there is a leader who combine. However, it is not easy to do.

Superior Leader: Mastering Effects and Position

Only a leader who is capable of wisely utilizing both the situation is really appropriate.

Currently only more leaders who occupy positions of power alone but there is no attempt to give effect to the people they lead.

Position that was not able to make it 'acting' and 'strength' to firmly and quickly in determining direction when faced with critical situations.

Leaders who do not have the influence and the only positions occupied, in fact he's not a 'leader' is true.

When that happens, what's its position as a leader. Leaders like to take advantage of a position he held for making a positive impact for the people they lead.

The positive influence of goals leader would seem that not only selfish or group.

But it would be more concerned and sensitive to the situation around him and will be responsive to overcome the critical situation using that influence.

A head of state would be expected to have a positive influence from the position held. By providing direction and is also able to reduce the desire to listen to the aspirations of the people.

With the position and influence, it is expected to become a leader of a charismatic figure in the middle of a raging surges. This is certainly done on the ground in order for the situation to be conducive, quiet and can immediately anticipate the atmosphere to make it better.

However, combining the influence and position accurately and quickly is not an easy thing to do as a leader.

Mutual trust. There is definitely affecting why leaders tend to encounter barriers to implementation. When examined from every event that happened recently, in fact the question of what makes a leader able or not to harmonize the positions and influence?

When examined there is one important thing for a leader, the trust or confidence of the people that led to him.

Confidence is not formed in a short period. Confidence wake of the early foundations when a leader does not have a position.

Ketola (2006) in his article titled Do you trust your boss? explained that the confidence shown by the person to their leaders strongly influenced by the values ​​of leadership, consistency between words and deeds expected of leaders.

It is able to make a leader has a strong influence on the people they lead.

The values ​​are internalized and consistency of behavior shown by the combined leadership competencies will also be able to provide a positive influence to others.

If it had been the leader will do whatever can be supported by the people around them.

The influence of these over time will continue to be tested 'there by building confidence of the people who worked with him.

Furthermore, echoes the belief that there is a positive point assessment itself. Another term is a personal record of its being one's travel records until he became a leader who can be trusted.

Each person would believe that the leader was able to demonstrate and realize the promise appropriately.

Once trust is betrayed, it will be very difficult to restore trust. The ability of a leader will be tested in ways he needs time to motivate and influence the people they lead.

For it is the important thing that should be shown by influential leaders is the fit between what had been spoken by the facts demonstrated through behavior.

This is important because they lead to make people want to follow what the leader. If leaders do not demonstrate appropriate behavior and a role model as a leader who coveted the small possibility he could have an influence on the people they lead.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Quality + Strategic Planning = Success!

Quality + Strategic Planning = Success!

Strategic planning, of course, is a term that is familiar especially to those who are in strata of directors and management in the company. Strategic planning is a systematic approach that defines long-term targets for the organization, and made plans to meet them.

When an organization establishes a long-term goal, strategic planning will pave the way towards that goal, year after year, in the form of an annual business plan. This plan consists of annual targets, resource planning, and the crucial steps taken to achieve the goal.

The advantages to be gained by establishing corporate strategic planning, among others:

1.Target and objectives well defined and incomprehensible;
2. The planning process makes everything clear and measurable.
3. The planning process makes any purpose may be achieved.
4. Monitoring process to ensure that all efforts and steps taken right into the set targets.
5. Waste that may have occurred and will be completed as "schedule" during the improvement process is running.
6. Novel focuses on the customer and the quality will be formed along with the development.

Important! The target should be the highest in the planning

It may sound a bit corny, but the company set a vision to become the best company by printing with quality products and services will win. Their brand preferences will often attract customers compared to only a few brands that profit value in the eyes of the customer. But the success in the world occupy the highest strata of the business does not solely depend on the quality of goods or services, but also involves many other factors. These a few factors, among others:

The level of sales

Ability to cost efficiency, good corporate culture and a high level of employee satisfaction, market success that benefit stakeholders. If being the best is your dream, it's important to "incorporate" these factors into strategic planning and annual business planning company. This is especially useful for new foci being part of the plan, rather than a "confounding factor" for other priorities set out in the plan. Thus, the energy and the capabilities of the resources will also be deployed to achieve the above four factors. If not, any dream will probably have forgotten glory.

Strategic planning and aspects of "quality"

All leaders must understand corporate strategic planning when it comes to setting financial targets, or targets other companies. But not many thing with aspects of "quality" (discussed earlier). This is the difference between strategic planning 'normal' with an 'outstanding'. Incredible planning will take notice and include targets relating to "quality", both in the sub-targets or annual target company. In this type of strategic planning, all the resources and focus of the work will be focused on the quality targets.

Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise has long been a method that is able to support the strategic planning that leads to quality. Integration between the method that integrates the "quality and customer focus" is critical to the success of achieving its targets.

Some organizations call this integation by various names, such as "hoshin kanri" or "hoshin planning". In early versions of the U.S. Malcolm Balridge National Quality Award, the process is called "strategic quality planning" which later shortened to "strategic planning" only.

On how to unify the management of strategic planning and the quality will vary among organizations with one another. The important thing is to ensure that quality come to be an important aspect of planning, in order to achieve substantial benefits mentioned earlier in this article.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Qualified Leaders Push Innovation

Qualified Leaders Push InnovationA leader who successfully run a leadership role in influenced by many things. One is the quality of leadership. The quality is not only related to the shape of the obligation to work. However, the quality of which refers to the character and personality.

Qualified Leaders Push Innovation

It's not easy to make it to manifest in the form of the behavior of a leader. It should be a long process for a leader to lead wisely and fairly to quality is not only seen but also felt by people nearby.

Currently, Indonesia is experiencing a crisis of quality leaders. Once prominent figures that only leaders and their group self-interest alone. So they are not able to reflect and display quality figure.

Though the quality of leadership is the leader of the main foundation. And desperately need a leader to act in order to be seen and felt that it was 'him' there are times when needed. However, the reality is often a leader who said 'no' but without the qualities that should be possessed leader.

A leader should ideally be able to balance between the nature, behavior, skills, mindset and performance. The integrity of the many things that are reflecting the quality of its leadership.

Eric Paff (2007) states that leadership is a choice not a position. Being a leader is a quality choice. Therefore, leaders also choose in what way and how he will achieve and demonstrate quality in leadership.

One important thing is the performance improvement leader. Performance was demonstrated to be capable of inducing an increase in job satisfaction for the people they lead. If both are in tune and in rhythm, the quality is good not only on the leader, but it will have any effect on his subordinates to finally be able to form a positive image of the institution.

So, to win it all is the main factor was the leader. Leader who directs where the people they lead will be taken. Denis Leonard in his writings titled Quality Leadership reveals the quality of leadership is when a leader to apply the principles of quality leadership.

The principle is that a leader as a basis for directing, providing strength and support to the regularity of the people who led that will impact very good for the employees to the organization.

It also emphasizes the importance of quality in kempimimpinan create forces on the environment with trust, openness and honest communication (Feigenbaum, 2007).

Associated with the values ​​embodied in the quality of leadership, it may be necessary to develop nilair-value is not only in his lead but also in their daily behavior. There are several characteristics of quality expected to have a leader able to manage the responsibilities entrusted to him.

Leaders are required to have the drive (drive) is strong to continue to advance the institution he leads. Encouragement owned a leader will give a powerful influence for the people they lead. Encouragement was certainly a boost that gave rise to the positive energy and affect his performance as a leader and the environment.

Leaders who have qualified motivation (motivation). The motivation of a leader can be likened to a driving machine capable of moving people around him in order to make them excited and energized.

Motivate both themselves and the people they lead will help leaders to create a conducive working atmosphere and direction. Leaders need to be taught to the people he leads motivated the importance of working with a team to achieve the objectives of the institution he leads. In order to achieve what is desired then the leaders need to act as coaches and mentors.

Another quality leaders as the key to success is a leader that has the honesty (honesty) and integrity (integrity). The saying "honesty is the currency everywhere" has a very profound. This means that a leader who has the qualities of honesty has given a very high value of things.

The integrity of a leader will determine the quality of leadership. If the leader does not show the correspondence between what is said by the behavior pointed out, it will cause distrust or mistrust of the people who work with him. This will reduce the quality as a leader.

A qualified leadership will be seen from cognitive ability (cognitive ability). This is important because with the cognitive ability of a leader will be able to set up a strategy that will run, anticipate things that might happen to the institution.

Cognitive capabilities will be able to take him to see the vision for the future so that people can grow and develop leads. All of that certainly will help leaders and advancing towards the vision of the institution he leads.

Leaders also need to give people the opportunity to also learn to lead and develop themselves through activities that sharpen cognitive ability. It is important that they also have the cognitive ability to provide future benefits for the institution he leads.

A leader is also required to be able to manage the responsibility to continue to develop and improve the company's performance and the performance of the people they lead. For it is a quality leader will continue to be sensitive to economic and business developments that could affect the institution or company.

If the leader has the knowledge and instincts of doing business, the institution that he leads will progress and develop and be able to compete or to compete with other institutions.

To realize the goals and ideals of the institutions, leaders need to grasp, understand and carry out their duties well. In addition, a quality leader will create an atmosphere which encourages people to participate and lead to innovate. This shows that as a leader he is a private figure and a qualified positive impact on those around him.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

10 Tips to Become a Successful Leader

10 Tips to Become a Successful Leader. There are only two choices in life: to lead or be led. Being subordinates or superiors. If you choose to be a leader, you want to follow. Conversely, when you consciously choose to be subordinate, then you will automatically become a follower. So, what? Make your choice now. Because, if you are reluctant to be a leader, someone else will come forward. If you are reluctant to front, someone else will take the lead. Therefore, so head immediately. If not, you will be the tail for life.

10 Tips to Become a Successful Leader

The problem is, "Being a leader is not easy", thought some. Or, "Leading self was difficult, let alone lead others?" some others complained. What about you? Do you also think so? If not, congratulations! You deserve to advance. If your answer is yes, you should hurry to fix themselves. Options subordinate lifetime, not the best alternative for you. So, how to be a good leader? Come, let's share. You should try 10 powerful tactics to be a leader. Perhaps, you do not fit with the moves that I offer. Try it! After all, if you fail, at least you've tried. Teddy Rosevelt once declared, "He who does not make mistakes, it will not make any progress."

So, try it! Do not be afraid of. Do not be afraid to be a leader. No need to ask busy left-right, "Do I have the talent to be a leader?" Remember, no one person is born a leader. Well, here's 10 powerful tactics to be a leader.

1. Courageous Learning. Being a leader means consciously choosing to continue learning. John Wooden, a renowned basketball coach, told us, "What is important is what you learn after you know it all." What if someone had grabbed the top position in the company, masihkah must keep learning? Short answer: yes. It may be, you still need to learn about how to increase your income, or about how to lead subordinates who likes challenging boss. So, even if you have reached the desired position, even if you have earned a coveted position, you have to keep learning. Including learning from your subordinates, or to learn from the people you lead.

2. Learning initiative. Without the initiative, you will not grow. Not going anywhere. It will not reach the top. Perhaps you've already established, already comfortable in the position you occupy today. But, if you are constantly complacent, you get evicted others. So, continue to hone your initiative.

3. Learning discipline. Telisik yourself. Do you always come to work on time? Are you the type of person who appreciates the time? Do you often keep their word? Yes, discipline is the key to successful leaders. Remember, the first person you lead is yourself. If you fail to lead, how can you lead others?

4. Learn to build competence. People who have high competence, would go further. To be a leader, you must have this moment: Competence. If you build, you'll get it. To have it, you have to keep learning, keep growing, and continues to improve. Willa A. Fester enlighten us with the message, "Quality is never an accident. Quality is the result of a unanimous determination, sincere effort and hard work."

5. Learn to communicate. You may not reveal the company's needs, if you can not communicate. You can not tell, if you're hard to speak out. You can not ask, if you are not able to speak out. Thus, you need communication. Because, you can not run a company you lead, mobilize the people you lead, if you are not skilled at communicating.

6. Learn to build integrity. I am sure, you have integrity as a character, personality, and lifestyle. Honesty, courage, sincerity and hospitality is your integrity. Therefore, you deserve to be a leader. You deserve to be a role model. Because of a good leader is at once can be a role model.

7. Learn to build a relationship of harmony. Being a leader does not mean master. In fact, it could be, then serve. Being a leader is not always cursing. In fact, if necessary, provide motivation and inject vigor. Mawell borrow a phrase, "People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care." Or, maybe you need to listen to Ma'ruf Mushthofa Zurayq, "We often separated by boundaries, because we more diligently to build a wall, not a bridge."

8. Learn to listen. One time, Wodrow Wilson, former President of the United States, stated that, "The ear of a leader must be able to capture the sound of the crowd." If you intend to be a good leader, then be a good listener. Open your ears. Listen carefully. If you listen to the whispers of your employees, then you will not listen to their cries.

9. Learn responsibility. John C. Maxwell, on one occasion said, "A leader can forget anything but the final responsibility." Yes, a leader is the person in charge. When his men make mistakes, even fatal, he will not spill all the blame to the employees it. Instead of looking for a scapegoat, a good leader is busy introspection: Why do my employees do a lot of mistakes? A wise leader is usual embrace. Not cornering!

10. Learning to solve problems. The problem is not to be avoided, but to be resolved. Size of your success is determined by how well you complete the override issue. Dose of your greatness is determined by how powerful lead you resolve the problems you are facing.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tips on Being a Good Leader

Being a Good Leader, is a rare thing that can be done for each person. Actually, each person must have a leader, whether it's for a small scope such as a family or even for himself. In essence Being a Good Leader is an important part of one's life.

Tips on Being a Good Leader

Must have a purpose

A good leader, should have a purpose and some views of what to do going forward. Because then all the control depends on the leadership, because the members will follow suit the purpose of the course leaders were useful purpose for its members.

Having a strong character

Strong character for a leader should possess. Because then the leader will be able to influence its members well. In the sense that aims to better for everyone. So when these goals are implemented, although the risk taken great leader can direct its members to act what to do. Not easily influenced by other things.

Always focus

Being a leader must always focus on every problem that arises. Leaders need to be sensitive to the problems that occurred. So the problem that there is no drag on the finish. And of course in each issue should be able to take the right decisions and fast in any condition.

Identify the advantages and disadvantages of team

Advantages and disadvantages of a good evaluation on a team, because then all the problems can be quickly seen. So there is the potential that could be developed in accordance with the capabilities of the team. But there it is no less important that when a leader makes a mistake, should be willing to admit because it was a high-minded attitude and this will be good for their members, as the leader of an example.


Many leaders are humble about their members, but only able to mingle and humble who can Become a Good Leader, because then the relationship will be better so that it can facilitate cooperation between leaders and members.

Listen and give recognition for team members

Being a good listener for its members is the need to have for a leader. Because then every member will feel more appreciated and felt to contribute to the team.

Monday, February 11, 2013

How to Become a Great Leader with a Good Way

How to Become a Great Leader with a Good Way.
Every great leader must be because he has been the best in the process and personality. The process is always adapted to the times are always changing, both in mindset and system requirements. Therefore, to make up for success in a leadership, we have to learn about new trends, new strategies, and new understanding.

How to Become a Great Leader with a Good Way

If there is a leader who insist on using the old methods to solve new problems in your organization, do not want to be adaptive and flexible, it will be crushed and directing agencies led to the decline in productivity. Changing patterns of leadership is closely associated with market adjustments in the creation of ideas, ideas, policies, and products made.

In addition, the personality of the leader also has a very important role. Morals or better known as a determinant of behavior in the leadership of a leader, whether he can lead the organization well or not? To create optimal productivity, a leader must first be willing to show good character or behavior that supports productivity, for optimal productivity necessitates it could happen.

In that regard, the question arises, what distinguishes a successful leader and failed to lead the organization? Morals what drives someone to be the best leader? How to bring personality to be promoted to trusted with leadership?

Rama S. Nugraha will explain in detail about good leadership in his book, "Do not Become Leaders prior to Read This Book!" In this book, he describes the common thread that can be made a leader, to make himself an example of necessitates optimum productivity of an organization (company), through moral or good behavior.

Visimedia publications will present about a lot of things, which might be for some people a bit taboo to talk about. Will be discussed candidly about politics in organizations and companies that are not possible to avoid, geopolitical strategies in increasing the influence of leadership, as well as how to be a leader necessitates self-directed towards optimum productivity through better ways.

This book will describe the four dimensions of leadership that will allow the you as the leader's personal best if you apply the contents of this book are integral to life. In the first chapter, thoroughly reviews the basic principles of leadership of the foundation of a question, "Why is the leader followed by his followers?" Mindset that which the loyalty of his followers, to behaviors that provide the greatest momentum that leads to performance high yield and productivity.

In the second chapter, the discussion of an answer to the classic question, "When you want to climb the career ladder within the organization (company), who should be approached?" There will then discuss how to gain the trust of your boss without being a sycophant. In the next chapter is necessitates themselves as informal leaders in everyday work, which determines whether the top of the stairs you are worthy of leadership or not. Start of courage to take personal responsibility, develop confidence of vision, build chemistry, development of skills, delegation system, working to keep the momentum going.

This book has received appreciation from various businesses and organizations. One is from Heru Agus Darjono, marketing director of PT. Pfizer Indonesia who said, "Leadership is a process of influence", by reading this book, we will get a 'new insights' how to influence colleagues, coworkers, or supervisors with an assertive, but productive. So palpable because along with examples of real cases. This book is worth reading for anyone who thinks that the leader is not only to lead a team, but more than that to make the team more productive in achieving the organization's objectives. "