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Qualified Leaders Push Innovation

Qualified Leaders Push InnovationA leader who successfully run a leadership role in influenced by many things. One is the quality of leadership. The quality is not only related to the shape of the obligation to work. However, the quality of which refers to the character and personality.

Qualified Leaders Push Innovation

It's not easy to make it to manifest in the form of the behavior of a leader. It should be a long process for a leader to lead wisely and fairly to quality is not only seen but also felt by people nearby.

Currently, Indonesia is experiencing a crisis of quality leaders. Once prominent figures that only leaders and their group self-interest alone. So they are not able to reflect and display quality figure.

Though the quality of leadership is the leader of the main foundation. And desperately need a leader to act in order to be seen and felt that it was 'him' there are times when needed. However, the reality is often a leader who said 'no' but without the qualities that should be possessed leader.

A leader should ideally be able to balance between the nature, behavior, skills, mindset and performance. The integrity of the many things that are reflecting the quality of its leadership.

Eric Paff (2007) states that leadership is a choice not a position. Being a leader is a quality choice. Therefore, leaders also choose in what way and how he will achieve and demonstrate quality in leadership.

One important thing is the performance improvement leader. Performance was demonstrated to be capable of inducing an increase in job satisfaction for the people they lead. If both are in tune and in rhythm, the quality is good not only on the leader, but it will have any effect on his subordinates to finally be able to form a positive image of the institution.

So, to win it all is the main factor was the leader. Leader who directs where the people they lead will be taken. Denis Leonard in his writings titled Quality Leadership reveals the quality of leadership is when a leader to apply the principles of quality leadership.

The principle is that a leader as a basis for directing, providing strength and support to the regularity of the people who led that will impact very good for the employees to the organization.

It also emphasizes the importance of quality in kempimimpinan create forces on the environment with trust, openness and honest communication (Feigenbaum, 2007).

Associated with the values ​​embodied in the quality of leadership, it may be necessary to develop nilair-value is not only in his lead but also in their daily behavior. There are several characteristics of quality expected to have a leader able to manage the responsibilities entrusted to him.

Leaders are required to have the drive (drive) is strong to continue to advance the institution he leads. Encouragement owned a leader will give a powerful influence for the people they lead. Encouragement was certainly a boost that gave rise to the positive energy and affect his performance as a leader and the environment.

Leaders who have qualified motivation (motivation). The motivation of a leader can be likened to a driving machine capable of moving people around him in order to make them excited and energized.

Motivate both themselves and the people they lead will help leaders to create a conducive working atmosphere and direction. Leaders need to be taught to the people he leads motivated the importance of working with a team to achieve the objectives of the institution he leads. In order to achieve what is desired then the leaders need to act as coaches and mentors.

Another quality leaders as the key to success is a leader that has the honesty (honesty) and integrity (integrity). The saying "honesty is the currency everywhere" has a very profound. This means that a leader who has the qualities of honesty has given a very high value of things.

The integrity of a leader will determine the quality of leadership. If the leader does not show the correspondence between what is said by the behavior pointed out, it will cause distrust or mistrust of the people who work with him. This will reduce the quality as a leader.

A qualified leadership will be seen from cognitive ability (cognitive ability). This is important because with the cognitive ability of a leader will be able to set up a strategy that will run, anticipate things that might happen to the institution.

Cognitive capabilities will be able to take him to see the vision for the future so that people can grow and develop leads. All of that certainly will help leaders and advancing towards the vision of the institution he leads.

Leaders also need to give people the opportunity to also learn to lead and develop themselves through activities that sharpen cognitive ability. It is important that they also have the cognitive ability to provide future benefits for the institution he leads.

A leader is also required to be able to manage the responsibility to continue to develop and improve the company's performance and the performance of the people they lead. For it is a quality leader will continue to be sensitive to economic and business developments that could affect the institution or company.

If the leader has the knowledge and instincts of doing business, the institution that he leads will progress and develop and be able to compete or to compete with other institutions.

To realize the goals and ideals of the institutions, leaders need to grasp, understand and carry out their duties well. In addition, a quality leader will create an atmosphere which encourages people to participate and lead to innovate. This shows that as a leader he is a private figure and a qualified positive impact on those around him.

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