Sunday, February 17, 2013

5 Advantages of Management Steve Jobs 'Apple'

Steve Jobs was named the best CEO in the past 20 years by Apart from being an artist who often make breakthroughs, Steve Jobs also experts in managing Apple. Here are 5 important management lessons from Steve Jobs:

Management Steve Jobs 'Apple'

1. Give Workers Freedom to Have and Improve Products

At Apple, if there is a worker using the product and find the issues that bother him, they have the freedom to fix it without dealing with layers of bureaucracy to get approval. All projects are controlled by the long-term performance, but the best stuff comes from personal engineer. Is Apple has always presented a challenge to employees to constantly evolve by providing a more difficult task and give it the necessary skills.

2. Employ People Desiring your product-obsessed

According to Agarwal, the people who work at Apple really want to work at Apple. For example, with Agarwal. Themselves are fans of Apple and he works twice as hard because he believes that Apple is a life. Enthusiasm is a key element for managing the recruitment process to see people who are truly passionate about the company, its products, and style as well as the overall mission. Furthermore, Agarwal also stated that all recruits pengawai companies claim that they love Apple products, and for this reason they want to work.

3. Important to Balance Life and Work Stresses

Apple emphasizes the balance between life and work. During the leadership of Steve Jobs, the company requires workers to work hard, but also enjoy the time owned invite workers. From the incredible health until the holiday was very much around Christmas and Thanksgiving, workers are very loving type of environment provided by the company to its employees. No wonder if Apple employees love working here and working hard, but when it was all over, the worker should enjoy life.

4. Maintaining Culture Started

Apple always wins because the company is a "Starter" great. Starting from a lack of bureaucracy in the project, engineers focused culture, to an emphasis on the passion and loyalty of workers, the company Apple is maintaining a corporate culture of the first day was made. Culture is a big part of what makes Apple successful and a good place to work.

5. Do not Play "Game Features" with Competitors

Apple never believed to play "the game features" with the product. They always focus on the performance for its own products, although they compare themselves with competitors trying to do the same thing on the same level. This mission is really entrenched in the culture. Workers do not focus on what competitors are doing, but the workers are encouraged to products innovation challenging the status quo.

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