Monday, February 11, 2013

How to Become a Great Leader with a Good Way

How to Become a Great Leader with a Good Way.
Every great leader must be because he has been the best in the process and personality. The process is always adapted to the times are always changing, both in mindset and system requirements. Therefore, to make up for success in a leadership, we have to learn about new trends, new strategies, and new understanding.

How to Become a Great Leader with a Good Way

If there is a leader who insist on using the old methods to solve new problems in your organization, do not want to be adaptive and flexible, it will be crushed and directing agencies led to the decline in productivity. Changing patterns of leadership is closely associated with market adjustments in the creation of ideas, ideas, policies, and products made.

In addition, the personality of the leader also has a very important role. Morals or better known as a determinant of behavior in the leadership of a leader, whether he can lead the organization well or not? To create optimal productivity, a leader must first be willing to show good character or behavior that supports productivity, for optimal productivity necessitates it could happen.

In that regard, the question arises, what distinguishes a successful leader and failed to lead the organization? Morals what drives someone to be the best leader? How to bring personality to be promoted to trusted with leadership?

Rama S. Nugraha will explain in detail about good leadership in his book, "Do not Become Leaders prior to Read This Book!" In this book, he describes the common thread that can be made a leader, to make himself an example of necessitates optimum productivity of an organization (company), through moral or good behavior.

Visimedia publications will present about a lot of things, which might be for some people a bit taboo to talk about. Will be discussed candidly about politics in organizations and companies that are not possible to avoid, geopolitical strategies in increasing the influence of leadership, as well as how to be a leader necessitates self-directed towards optimum productivity through better ways.

This book will describe the four dimensions of leadership that will allow the you as the leader's personal best if you apply the contents of this book are integral to life. In the first chapter, thoroughly reviews the basic principles of leadership of the foundation of a question, "Why is the leader followed by his followers?" Mindset that which the loyalty of his followers, to behaviors that provide the greatest momentum that leads to performance high yield and productivity.

In the second chapter, the discussion of an answer to the classic question, "When you want to climb the career ladder within the organization (company), who should be approached?" There will then discuss how to gain the trust of your boss without being a sycophant. In the next chapter is necessitates themselves as informal leaders in everyday work, which determines whether the top of the stairs you are worthy of leadership or not. Start of courage to take personal responsibility, develop confidence of vision, build chemistry, development of skills, delegation system, working to keep the momentum going.

This book has received appreciation from various businesses and organizations. One is from Heru Agus Darjono, marketing director of PT. Pfizer Indonesia who said, "Leadership is a process of influence", by reading this book, we will get a 'new insights' how to influence colleagues, coworkers, or supervisors with an assertive, but productive. So palpable because along with examples of real cases. This book is worth reading for anyone who thinks that the leader is not only to lead a team, but more than that to make the team more productive in achieving the organization's objectives. "

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