Saturday, February 16, 2013

Superior Leader: Mastering Effects and Position

Superior LeaderInfluence and the position of a leader are two very different things. These differences will show who the real leader on earth.

The hope is that both will be an excellent power when there is a leader who combine. However, it is not easy to do.

Superior Leader: Mastering Effects and Position

Only a leader who is capable of wisely utilizing both the situation is really appropriate.

Currently only more leaders who occupy positions of power alone but there is no attempt to give effect to the people they lead.

Position that was not able to make it 'acting' and 'strength' to firmly and quickly in determining direction when faced with critical situations.

Leaders who do not have the influence and the only positions occupied, in fact he's not a 'leader' is true.

When that happens, what's its position as a leader. Leaders like to take advantage of a position he held for making a positive impact for the people they lead.

The positive influence of goals leader would seem that not only selfish or group.

But it would be more concerned and sensitive to the situation around him and will be responsive to overcome the critical situation using that influence.

A head of state would be expected to have a positive influence from the position held. By providing direction and is also able to reduce the desire to listen to the aspirations of the people.

With the position and influence, it is expected to become a leader of a charismatic figure in the middle of a raging surges. This is certainly done on the ground in order for the situation to be conducive, quiet and can immediately anticipate the atmosphere to make it better.

However, combining the influence and position accurately and quickly is not an easy thing to do as a leader.

Mutual trust. There is definitely affecting why leaders tend to encounter barriers to implementation. When examined from every event that happened recently, in fact the question of what makes a leader able or not to harmonize the positions and influence?

When examined there is one important thing for a leader, the trust or confidence of the people that led to him.

Confidence is not formed in a short period. Confidence wake of the early foundations when a leader does not have a position.

Ketola (2006) in his article titled Do you trust your boss? explained that the confidence shown by the person to their leaders strongly influenced by the values ​​of leadership, consistency between words and deeds expected of leaders.

It is able to make a leader has a strong influence on the people they lead.

The values ​​are internalized and consistency of behavior shown by the combined leadership competencies will also be able to provide a positive influence to others.

If it had been the leader will do whatever can be supported by the people around them.

The influence of these over time will continue to be tested 'there by building confidence of the people who worked with him.

Furthermore, echoes the belief that there is a positive point assessment itself. Another term is a personal record of its being one's travel records until he became a leader who can be trusted.

Each person would believe that the leader was able to demonstrate and realize the promise appropriately.

Once trust is betrayed, it will be very difficult to restore trust. The ability of a leader will be tested in ways he needs time to motivate and influence the people they lead.

For it is the important thing that should be shown by influential leaders is the fit between what had been spoken by the facts demonstrated through behavior.

This is important because they lead to make people want to follow what the leader. If leaders do not demonstrate appropriate behavior and a role model as a leader who coveted the small possibility he could have an influence on the people they lead.

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