Saturday, February 28, 2015

How to Educate Our Children

How to Educate Our Children

How to Educate Our Children:

1. Both the mother and father must be compact pick parenting will be applied to children. Do not fickle and capricious that children do not become confused.

2. Be a parent who exemplifies the exemplary children with positive things in everyday life. Do not let children forced to do the good things that parents do not want to do it. Children will respect and appreciate their parents so that as adults will love the parents and other family members.

3. Adjust parenting with the situation, capabilities and needs of the child. Parenting toddlers would be different with parenting teens. Do not educate children who can not afford the cost bailed her parents. Keep children easily understand what we want without feeling any coercion, but on the basis of self-awareness.

4. Discipline should still be given in guiding children since its childhood to adulthood for children to be independent and respected and honored for the community. Little things like getting out of bed on time, helping parents housework, study hard, is one form of teaching discipline and responsibility in children.

5. prioritizing and cultivate early religious and moral values ​​in children so that the future can be a pious person and have a good attitude and behavior and religion. Pious child will always pray for the parents who have given birth to and raise even though her parents had died.

6. Communication is done openly and fun with certain restrictions so that children are accustomed open to parents when there are things to be conveyed or thing that bothers him. If angry parents should use good expression and indirectly the child so that the child can understand not necessarily be closed and assume parents are not fun.

7. Avoid negative action on child like scolding a child for no reason, having the child go around like a maid without limit, dropping the child's mental, smoking, lazy worship, menbodoh-fooling children, often lying to children, to bring home the stress of the office, feeding of money illegitimate children, reluctant to take care of children, too busy with work and so forth.

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