Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5 Considerations Before You Take Decision

As a leader you are required to take an important decision. When you are faced with a situation where had to take important decisions, consider first the following.

5 Considerations Before You Take Decision

Analysis of the situation
Before making a decision, think about a few things as to why the decision should be taken and what will happen if it does not immediately make a decision. In addition, consider the situation around you. Perform first research, analysis, and collect information that will help you make a decision.

Look impact on others
Whatever your decision, whether it is personal, it still will have an impact for others. Consider also whether that impact is detrimental, beneficial, or just have a less powerful effect.

Profit and loss
Consider whether you need the decision of the high cost, and what the pros and cons if you take a decision. What are the possible risks would you take and about whether there was an award to be received. All that should be considered your entry.

It is best
Taking a decision backed by all the people, not necessarily the best decision. So you should still think about whether it is really the best thing to do. There are some areas where you can follow other people's opinions, but not to values​​, personal character, and integrity is lost.

Provide back-up plan
Whatever decisions you make, always make a backup plan if the initial decision did not go according to plan. Great leaders always knew that anything could be as good as the plan did not go smoothly, as they always plan possibilities.

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