Friday, April 12, 2013

These 5 Tips to Successful New Boss

Getting promoted promotion is certainly an achievement and accomplishment in a career. You have a new responsibility, and to be able to run it smoothly, note the following:

These 5 Tips to Successful New Boss

1. Relationships
If since the beginning of your relationship and men are already familiar, make it as capital, as the positive aspects that can keep you coached. If the relationship is good, usually your friends will believe the sincerity and capability, so they will tend to be cooperative and supportive.

2. Strict about deadlines
When in a state, subordinates show performance less fit, ie not managed to meet the deadline, then you can still remind, admonish them in the right way, according to the condition of each person associated with the situation they are experiencing.

3. Invite think global
If the deadline is also stuck, ask them to think globally. For example, if you work in the public relations division, as a PR person to be reminded that someone "required" always humble, flexible in the mix. Because of the desire to serve diverse user needs with a variety of styles and the nature of the user. Had a dealine is not met, then there is a chance the client will be disappointed, so long as this relationship could be disrupted. And if clients do not believe, the programs run by the PR division is less likely to succeed, because the lack of support from clients optimal or related parties. Conversely, when a PR person can serve well the needs of clients or customers, the interpersonal relationship with them could also be built up well, trust increases, thus launching the implementation of tasks and fulfillment of targets.

4. No need bossy
Just give them a general overview, what are the positive benefits if they meet the performance well, typical benefits everyone. For example, directors become more listening and watching their work performance, open more promotional opportunities, there are opportunities working mearik program, both in the current work unit or another unit, even abroad-dependent structure of existing organizations.

5. Humble
Remains an approachable personal care work team, swiftly prepare the data and the necessary facilities. Diligent motivate subordinates, so that they always perform the task optimally stimulated, which will ultimately benefit them directly by you, the client, as well as the company.
Congratulations embrace your subordinates.

source: (Chic Magazine / Donna Turner, Human Resources Consultant)