Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This 9 Professional Attitude: It is important to Applied in Office

Professionalism can bring you success in the workplace. Not only that, you can also get respect from superiors and co-workers. Conversely, the lack of professional attitude can actually harm your career.

This 9 Professional Attitude: It is important to Applied in Office

Excerpted from the website Mag for Women, here are nine important professional attitude applied in the office.

1. On Time
Timing is an important element of professionalism. So make sure you're not the last to come to the office and spent about an hour to explain to the boss why you were late. Being on time will not hurt you.

2. Competent
Being competent employees in the workplace will not only help you in your next performance appraisal. But it is also to present a good image of your boss and co-workers. Professional attitude like this you should apply.

3. Appreciate Deadline
When you are given a job by a boss with a certain time limit, you should do it well. Try to get it done before the deadline specified. This will show that you are an employee who diligently and cherish the deadline given.

4. Developing Integrity
Honesty and integrity are the hallmarks of a professional. How can you expect your boss to trust you with something important, if you do not have integrity?

5. Being Polite
This is very important if you want to remain professional at work. When talking on the phone with a co-worker or boss, make sure that your voice is not too loud and not too small.

6. Respect Colleague
Do not expect respect in the office, if you do not respect other colleagues. If your office is higher than colleagues in the office, then do not let you look down on them. Honor your colleagues, so they will do the same to you.

7. Don't Gossip
Office is a place where you have to work instead of gossiping. So do not you even gossiping in the office with other colleagues. Take advantage of your time in the workplace. Do not wasted with unimportant.

8. Don't Carry to the Office of Personal Work
If indeed you have a job outside the office work, should not be in the carry into the workplace. If you take it, it will only make you seem unprofessional.

9. Note the appearance
You do not need to look like a supermodel in the office. But at least, you are well-dressed and polite. So you should consider re-appearance. Do not let you wear a mini skirt or a dress that is transparent and super tight at the office.