Friday, February 15, 2013

Quality + Strategic Planning = Success!

Quality + Strategic Planning = Success!

Strategic planning, of course, is a term that is familiar especially to those who are in strata of directors and management in the company. Strategic planning is a systematic approach that defines long-term targets for the organization, and made plans to meet them.

When an organization establishes a long-term goal, strategic planning will pave the way towards that goal, year after year, in the form of an annual business plan. This plan consists of annual targets, resource planning, and the crucial steps taken to achieve the goal.

The advantages to be gained by establishing corporate strategic planning, among others:

1.Target and objectives well defined and incomprehensible;
2. The planning process makes everything clear and measurable.
3. The planning process makes any purpose may be achieved.
4. Monitoring process to ensure that all efforts and steps taken right into the set targets.
5. Waste that may have occurred and will be completed as "schedule" during the improvement process is running.
6. Novel focuses on the customer and the quality will be formed along with the development.

Important! The target should be the highest in the planning

It may sound a bit corny, but the company set a vision to become the best company by printing with quality products and services will win. Their brand preferences will often attract customers compared to only a few brands that profit value in the eyes of the customer. But the success in the world occupy the highest strata of the business does not solely depend on the quality of goods or services, but also involves many other factors. These a few factors, among others:

The level of sales

Ability to cost efficiency, good corporate culture and a high level of employee satisfaction, market success that benefit stakeholders. If being the best is your dream, it's important to "incorporate" these factors into strategic planning and annual business planning company. This is especially useful for new foci being part of the plan, rather than a "confounding factor" for other priorities set out in the plan. Thus, the energy and the capabilities of the resources will also be deployed to achieve the above four factors. If not, any dream will probably have forgotten glory.

Strategic planning and aspects of "quality"

All leaders must understand corporate strategic planning when it comes to setting financial targets, or targets other companies. But not many thing with aspects of "quality" (discussed earlier). This is the difference between strategic planning 'normal' with an 'outstanding'. Incredible planning will take notice and include targets relating to "quality", both in the sub-targets or annual target company. In this type of strategic planning, all the resources and focus of the work will be focused on the quality targets.

Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise has long been a method that is able to support the strategic planning that leads to quality. Integration between the method that integrates the "quality and customer focus" is critical to the success of achieving its targets.

Some organizations call this integation by various names, such as "hoshin kanri" or "hoshin planning". In early versions of the U.S. Malcolm Balridge National Quality Award, the process is called "strategic quality planning" which later shortened to "strategic planning" only.

On how to unify the management of strategic planning and the quality will vary among organizations with one another. The important thing is to ensure that quality come to be an important aspect of planning, in order to achieve substantial benefits mentioned earlier in this article.

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