Thursday, February 26, 2015

Easy Ways to Eliminate Stress

Easy Ways to Eliminate Stress
Easy Ways to Eliminate Stress. The way to relieve stress, As humans we are not immune from the problem. But because of the problems that we can be stressful. Here are a few ways bwat relieve stress:

1. Set breath.
Breathe in - in and exhale slowly, concentrating on the movement of your diaphragm. Perform two or three times, until it begins to feel in control.

2. Relieve tension.
If you are sitting, stand up and do gentle stretching. Hand and arm movements alternately, then shrugged and make your body feel relaxed.

3. Move.
Do a quick way, although only road - the road around the room or bathroom. It is useful to help blood flow. Moving regularly can also help burn the negative effects of stress hormones.

4. Yelling and screaming.
Go to a private place and shout and scream as much. The way it can be used for stress relief therapy.

5. Essential Flower Therapy.
Map a few drops of the nectar of flowers, such as Bach Rescue Remedy, Jan de Vries Emergency or the Australian Bush Flower Essence Essence Emergency at your tongue.

6. Think positive.
Choose something that is feasible, a positive personal thoughts. Repeat regularly on yourself.

7. Eat healthy foods.
Diet and do not be tempted to eat to excess.

8. Listen to music.
Soft music that can help you more calm.

9. Organized.
Began to organize life and time effectively. Make a priority, so you can handle the pressure at a time.

10. Laugh.
Watching comedy, laugh with your friends, or visit the website of a joke is remarkable antidote to stress.

11. Finding an inner calmness.
Visualization or meditation can help locate an inner calmness, when around you filled with pressure and noise.

12. Consumption of vitamins and supplements.
You may need some sort of B vitamins and antioxidant vitamins C and E at the time of being depressed. Probiotic supplements can also help you cope with stress.

13. Pray
With prayer, our heart and soul can be calm in the midst. Because of all the problems there a way out, and God disposes the road.

14. Massage
Massage will make a smooth blood circulation. So that our brain can clearly and wisely can decide a problem with either.

15. Estella
One of the potent drugs that need to be followed is the vent. This will make your heart glad and quiet. Who knows wrote a friend to confide in you can look for a way out.

16. Smile
With a smile, we feel so much relief. Facial muscles will be attracted and hold the center of the emotions, the mind will be calm. So much better than we often sullen smile.

17. Breathe fragrances
By inhaling aromatherapy such as lavender, rose, jasmine and peppermint would make more sense of calm. Because the scent give a stimulus to the brain relaxes tense.

18. Soak in warm water
Experts say with a soak in warm water is the best way to relieve stress and opens clogged pores of the body.

Maybe it's just that I can give hope useful for you, thank you

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